Super 8 One Reel Contest 2014

Timecode:NOLA’s 4th annual


The Timecode:NOLA Super 8 ONE REEL Contest is an event in which filmmakers have to shoot a movie on one roll of Super 8 film.  All of their edit decisions must be made in camera while shooting, since the filmmaker will not see their film before it is developed (YES! it’s actually on FILM!).  Timecode:NOLA will then get the film developed and transferred, but the first time anyone will see it is in front of a live audience at the premiere.  Even the filmmakers will be in the dark! Flaws and all. Masterpiece or terrible.  These three and half minute black and white silent movies will be accompanied by commentating MC Chris Trew and a live piano player score at the premiere.

One roll of film. Up to three minutes. Only editing in camera. Anything goes.


The guidelines are simple. You’ll come pick up your film at our Pick Up Party at the Lost Love Lounge (2529 Dauphine St.) on Sunday, August 31st,  from 7-9pm and return it the following Sunday, September 7th at the Lost Love Lounge at our Drop Off Party. Then it’s time to screen the results at the Premiere on Thursday, September 18th at 10PM at DBA (618 Frenchmen St). It’s 50 bucks to participate. That fee covers the film, processing, and HD transfer. You will receive a dvd along with your original film plus entry to the premiere.

If you don’t have a Super 8 camera, don’t sweat it. You can borrow a camera from us on August 31st as well, so there’s no excuses for not joining in the fun. There is a $50 deposit on the camera. Return it without breaking it, and you’ll get your money back!

Aspiring Spielberg? Art school dropout? Soccer Mom? Super 8 is the great equalizer. Its easy, and fun. Anyone can play! Shoot whatever you’d like. We’ll give you a guide to using a Super 8 camera plus filming tips. There are no rules as to what you can put on screen, but be warned – no one is going to see the films beforehand, so if your film is under or overexposed, no one’s gonna know til it’s too late. The show must go on!

Premiere Party 

The Premiere Party at DBA, on Thurs Sept. 18th will be the first time anyone has laid eyes on these cinematic masterpieces.  Our MC Chris Trew, and live piano accompaniment will be just as surprised as the audience.  This is a film event made for New Orleans.  The audience is not expected to be stuffy and quiet, on the contrary they are encouraged to participate.  After the event, the party steams on into the night with the funky sounds of King James and the Specialmen so bring ya dancin’ shoes.

Rules for the One Reel Super 8 Film Festival
  • Apply online or in person on August 31st at the Lost Love Lounge. Registration is $50, covering film, processing, and HD transfer including a dvd of your movie & admission to the premiere at DBA.
  • On August 31st, you will receive your film at the Kick-off party at the Lost Love Lounge beginning at 7 pm.
  • If you absolutely can not make the event, make alternate pick up plans with Jon Wood at You may be able to receive film at a different time, but NO ONE CAN RECEIVE FILM BEFORE 7 PM ON AUGUST 31st.
  • You will receive one roll of Super 8 film. YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE ONE ROLL OF FILM PER REGISTRATION. If you lose your film we can’t give you another roll to replace your lost film.
  • If you need to rent a Super 8 camera, it is a $50 deposit at the time of receipt. You will receive your money back at the time of return. You can rent a camera the night of August 31st or anytime that week until Saturday, September 6th. Please contact Jon Wood as well for more information or to set up a rental. (Please do not rent a camera unless you absolutely have to, due to the limited amount of available cameras)
  • Return your film on September 7th beginning at 8pm at the Lost Love Lounge. You must edit the film in camera, so if the film has been processed, we won’t accept it.
  • If you absolutely can not make it to the Drop Off party on September 7th, you can make plans to return the film elsewhere prior to the Drop Off Party with Jon Wood. However, NO FILM WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE END OF THE DROP OFF PARTY ON SEPTEMBER 7th at 10pm.
  • All films will be screened at DBA on Thursday, September 18th beginning at 10:00 PM. Your registration fee includes one ticket to this event. Any additional tickets needed for the event must be purchased separately for $5 at the door.